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No, it is not. Iran Virtual Expo runs on the web so you only need a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

No, there is no limit to the number of attendees/exhibitors who can be on the platform.

Detailed information about the products and services are easily accessible to the visitors, this includes marketing materials from a booth and watching pre-recorded videos from the exhibitors. In case they need further information, they can simply ask for online meetings with the exhibitors. Besides, they can even ask for an appointment through marking a time slot on the calendar, if they can’t reach the exhibitors at the time.

They can simply click on the calendar in the exhibitors’ booths and select a slot in the near future or later in the day and they will call you back.

When nobody is available or no one responds back, you can use the schedule for a meeting feature asking them to call you back.

Yes, the exhibitors will be provided with the details of all the visitors to their booths, whether they have been engaged with the exhibitors or not.

Yes, unlimited attendees can do that.

Yes, there are. We can organize webinars and conferences for the exhibitors to present their market capabilities to their target audience.

Yes, there are. We would love to help you promote your brand on our platform.

Unfortunately it is not possible. There are new visitors joining the exhibition every hour, even during the event. Therefore, we have no comprehensive list before the event.

The quick answer is “OUR PLATFORM’S FEAUTURS”:

·         Choosing from our feature-packed booth to interact easily with your attendees

·         Using our augmented reality-integrated booth to create a positive experience for your attendees

·         Extending your reach to a much larger audience regardless of their physical locations by leveraging our integrated live streaming.

·         Interacting with attendees/exhibitors via text/audio/video chat in a real time and attaining their information

·         Receiving your booths report which helps you gain actionable insights and know that whether your event is a success

Live customer support is always available via the chat on our website.

Yes, we do. We have prepared pre-recorded tutorial videos helping the exhibitors and visitors to properly perform on the platform.

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