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What is Iran Virtual Expo?

iran virtual expo

The first and largest virtual trade exhibition of Iran called “Iran Virtual Expo” is scheduled to be held online from 19 April.-21 June 2021.

The Expo’s major sponsors are Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

Given the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on the business, and the significance of digitalisation to give way to the new normal of business markets, we have developed a digital platform to restore and promote the companies’ business opportunities across the borders.


Sectors and Sizes


Companies of all sectors and sizes are exhibiting at the expo. This includes businesses related to industry, mining, agriculture, trade and the KBFs. Through “Iran Virtual Expo” we are ensuring that companies and individuals interested in doing business, of any kind, with Iran can best explore their options, navigate the latest products and services offered by Iranian companies, gain access to their potential partners, and build valuable connections in the comfort of their home/office and free of charge.

In addition to large and mid-sized businesses related to industry, mining, agriculture, trade and the knowledge based firms, Iran virtual Expo has set up “Startups Hall” where the Iranian startups will find the opportunity to not only raise their status but to present their newest products and services and attract Investors from all around the world.


International B2B


Iran Virtual Expo attaches high importance to further strengthening the existing collaboration among Iranian companies and their international counterparts. Therefore, B2B events are planned incorporating with the joint chambers of commerce and the embassies based in Tehran.

Special days are allocated for each country to best provide opportunities for their business to explore their potential partnerships with Iranian companies.


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