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Post Iran-Turkey Event Report on Road Transport Problems

Post Iran-Turkey Event Report on Road Transport Problems

On August 3th 2021, the Iran-Turkey Webinar on Road Transport Problems was held by Tehran Chamber of Commerce on the “Iran Virtual Expo” platform. This webinar addressed the challenges faced by truckers and the causes of long queues at the Bazargan border.

Holding workshops to solve the transit problems

Mehrdad Saadat, the Chairman of the Iran-Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce said that Iran & Turkey, as the neighboring countries should develop their trade relations. So, he suggested holding workshops to identify the obstacles and solve the transit problems. He also mentioned the lack of cooperation of the Custom Organization as an example and asked all the organizations to help the private sector.

Improving Iran-Turkey trade relations by using Bazargan border

Seyedeh Fatemeh Moghimi, the Board Member of TCCIMA and President of Iran Business Women Association noted that Turkey and Iran can be good trading partners due to the common borders with Iran and transit routes. She considered speed, security, and price as the main factors for successful trading and emphasized eliminating the weaknesses.


During the final panel discussion on Iran-Turkey transit issues, the audience managed to ask questions and receive their replies from the panelists.


Overall, the webinar was a success and many people in the audience expressed their pleasure with the event. Besides, the presenters informed the audience of holding more workshops in the near future.


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