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Capability of Iranian Companies Will Be Introduced by Iran Virtual Expo

First Edition of Iran Virtual Expo hosts reputable Iranian companies with the support of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture, and private sector organizations of Information and Communications Technology from February 23 to 26 May 2021. Companies present at the exhibition are active in Trade and Commerce, Industry, Mine, Agriculture and Food Industry, Knowledge Enterprise, Digital Publication and Media, and Services sectors.

This exhibition was put on the agenda aiming to decrease the economic consequences of Covid-19, concordant with digital changes in the realm of business and the halt in national and international business events

With the support of years of activity and experience in Information Technology, Iran Virtual Expo is designed and implemented on an exclusive platform matching the newest digital world standards to meet the needs of today’s economic agents. Common Chamber of Commerce considered discount for their members’ presence in the Iran Virtual Expo and tries to announce investment opportunities in Iran.

Having low-cost manpower, low-cost energy, special geopolitical position, 15 neighbouring countries, large domestic market of 80 million, and regional market of more than 400 million; Iran is a favorable environment for the presence of foreign investors

This Exhibition introduces Iranian companies and products to business owners around the world at minimum cost. Iran Virtual Expo hosts foreign visitors. Visiting this exhibition will be free of charge.


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