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Iran National Polymer Industries Association Joins Iran Virtual Expo

Economic Associations Iran Virtual Expo

انجمن ملی صنایع پلیمر ایران

Iran National Polymer Industries Association aims at development of the Iranian plastic industry to the world class to be known as a worthwhile .and reasonable reference for the members, consumer and society.

The National Plastic Industries Association will participate at Iran Virtual Expo and has signed MoUs to further officialise the cooperation. You can receive further information regarding the services provided by the association through exploring their virtual booth at Iran Virtual Expo.

Starting from 23 February 2021 the exhibition welcomes and motivates the participation of domestic companies and encourages participation of domestic and international visitors. The event has a full line up of industries including agriculture and food, mining, industry, trade and commerce, digital media and publishing, services and KBFs that can help develop your business.


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