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Application of new technologies in online sales of handmade carpets

Nowadays, shopping from online stores is becoming more and more popular. Online shopping has many benefits that have been talked about many times. But some products are more difficult to sell online than others. Because of the nature of some products, customers tend to observe and review the product closely before buying. One of these products is handmade carpets. CPERSIA, as one of the pioneers in selling handmade carpets online in Iran, has found creative solutions to answer this issue over the years. CPERSIA is the largest e-commerce store for hand-knotted carpets in Iran and the leading company in its sector. It is the first specialized startup in e-marketing and online sales of Persian hand-knotted carpet, operating since 2016 by launching the online CPERSIA store:

CPERSIA uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create a better shopping experience. 


CPERSIA is the first and only online carpet store in the world that has practically used Augmented Reality, and customers can see all the listed products virtually in their place, using their mobile phone or tablet, without the need to install the application. Customers can review the carpets along with their home or office furniture to check the harmony of the design and color with their decoration.

also, when the customer wants to choose the desired option from a large number of products, needs more guidance. In face-to-face sales, this is done by the sellers. But in online sales, artificial intelligence helps us. In the AI system implemented by CPERSIA, the customer can filter the carpets that match his/her desired color based on the color scheme of his/her decoration. By photographing your decoration or uploading a photo you have already taken, you can easily find carpets and products that have color harmony with your decoration.


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