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With regard to increasing development of plastic industry and its importance in our country’s economy, constitution of specialized association as a complementary for developing petrochemical industry seemed essential.

Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producers Association was founded and registered on 24 February 2013, with cooperation of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines and Agriculture, in order to solve the trade problem of this guild community and also improving technical knowledge of mentioned industry.

The purposes of the association are as follow as:

·        Defining of the development projects by industry and scientific/research centers mutually.

·        Acquiring of the up stream’s (petrochemical industry) supports for supplying the requirements of masterbatch and compound producer companies, facilitating the conditions of purchase from petrochemical plants, and utilizing of petrochemical plants for improving association members’ abilities

·         Supporting of masterbatch and compound ’s growing industry through tariff reform and remove of exchangeable currency for goods imported can be produced domestically

·        Preventing of low quality products, this purpose will be possible through carefully standardization and  monitoring of Iranian National Standards Organization

·        Utilizing of appropriate machinery and additives in order to improve quality of  productions those are produced by association members

·        Displaying the abilities of masterbatch and compound industry to other industries such as automobile, textile, agriculture, building, packaging, power and energy.

·        Identifying of  the domestic market capacity and detecting of the investment and development ’s opportunities in masterbatch and compound industry

·        Detecting of the global and regional markets

·         Acquiring the state supports for facilitating export of the intermediate and end products instead of raw materials of polymer in order to increase occupations opportunities and value added for our country   


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